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Key-Fi App for Android



For the Photographer


The App that is for the Professional Photographer!  The “Key to your Financial Success!”  How so?  No more “Sneak Peaks” that will ruin sales of that one image!  Now, you, and you alone, will be able to determine how long a client can see each of their images and how long they can see them.  With Key-Fi, you will create a simple slideshow that, when played on the client Key-Fi app, will not allow the client to screen capture the image(s) from the slideshow.


During the Slideshow, the client will be able to select a check, to indicate they like the image, or select an X, to indicate they don’t like the image.  After the slideshow, they can then change those that they like or dislike when it is in gallery mode / view.  When they’re ready to let you know their preferences by sending you back the images that they like.

Once you have their preferences, you have many options available to you (this is for you to do as only the first suggestion is available in the app):
•You can send them the unedited digital files for download.

  • You can use those preferences for an In Person Sales appointment which will save everyone time.
  • You can edit them and send them the edited files.
  • You can print them up and either ship the prints to them or hand deliver them yourself.


In today’s world, instant gratification is exceedingly prevalent and by using Key-Fi, you’re able to provide something very similar to your clients by showing them their images yet retaining the control that you don’t have elsewhere.  We do appreciate you choosing Key-Fi for your preview app and hope that you have a financially successful interaction with your clients!

The Key-Fi Photographer App only works in conjunction with the Key-Fi Client App.  It will not work with any other app.  

App Store Link:  Key-Fi for Photographers


For the Client


This is the Key-Fi Client App that is designed to be used with the Key-Fi Photographer App.  If your photographer is not using the Key-Fi Photographer App, they need to get it today.  It will allow your photographer to provide you with a slideshow shortly after they take your photos.


This slideshow will have a set time for each image for you to see and how many times you can view the slideshow, so make sure you have everyone around to see it when you view it otherwise you may run out of views.


During the slideshow you will be able to choose which images you like or dislike.  It’s pretty easy.  If you like it, just click the check mark and if you don’t, click the X.


When you’re done, you’ll be able to send the photographer your preferences, but make sure that everyone has seen it before you do as you’ll only be able to send it once.


Your photographer will already have talked to you about how to get your images, be it unedited digital files, edited digital files, physical prints, or some other medium.


We do appreciate you choosing your photographer who uses Key-Fi and hope that you have a wonderful experience with them!


The Key-Fi Client App only works in conjunction with the Key-Fi Photographer App.  It will not work with any other app.  


App Store Link: Key-Fi for Clients